So we did it. We hiked the length of New Zealand. We left Cape Reinga on September 22, 2007 and had five amazing months walking 3012 kilometers of beaches, mountains, farm land, and crossing rivers. We spent as much time on trails as possible, using roads only when there was no other option.

We arrived at Bluff on February 7th, 2008 and then spent two weeks hiking the circuit tracks of Stewart Island. We had an unforgettable trip with more highlights than we’ll bother to bore you with on this page.

We are keeping this website going to help others who are planning on doing all, or part of this hike. We have added a detailed route description to the progress page with every trail and road we walked along. If anyone wants any advice, feel free to e-mail us.

Project K continues their fantastic youth development programme around New Zealand. Read about them on the cause page. The secure online donation link is being kept open for when you’re feeling generous.

If you are dedicated NZUnderfoot fans, you can see more of us at the New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in Wakaka this July where we will be speaking about our adventure. Enjoy the site, and get outdoors.




Last updated - May.1.2008
Days on trail - 154
Kilometers hiked - 3012.2
Shoe Pile - Each shoe represents $NZ250 which is around $US190. We will add to the pile as we raise money for these charities. Click on the pile to donate, then click on the logo of the charity you would like to donate to. An individual donation of $50 or more will get your name on the website. Businesses can donate $100 or more to get on the website.
$ 4,500 NZD = $ 3,600 USD